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Eren Mckay

Social Media Strategist & SEO Consultant

I provide search engine visibility by finding the best keyword phrases for client websites and setting up a social presence to attract their ideal audience. Some of my services include keyword research, competitive analysis, and On-Page Optimization in which semantic words and phrases are used, schema markup and a variety of other factors. I cater to the best practices in the search world that are compliant with Google’s Webmaster, Content, and Quality Guidelines (also known as ‘white hat’).

Top SEO Woman of the Year 2012 Eren Mckay My years of detailed dedication to clients allowed me to be nominated for SEO Woman of the Year in 2012 (and then I went on to win). Click here to see the SEO Woman of the Year
I use my SEO skills to help clients with their social media plan. I train individuals, virtual assistants, and companies seeking more visibility online through Social Media and Search tactics. I help them create a content strategy based on each social media platform and what already works in each client’s specific niche and vertical space.

If you need any of these services, send me a tweet or direct message me on Twitter. From there we can connect on Skype or on Google Hangouts to evaluate your needs and decide if my training or services would be a right fit for you. I’m natively fluent in both English and Portuguese so I’m available to translate when clients are expanding their market reach and need this service. Other than client work, I’m currently creating products on SMM and SEO and will be launching them soon!


Cris Vilela ~ Master Coach

Cris Vilela

Surprisingly efficient and professional, from the moment I met Eren I realized that she had a lot of knowledge. But when I actually started working with her, that’s when I truly saw just how deep her understanding went and I was 100% surprised.
She’s so versatile; giving me branding tips, advertising strategies and making me think about details in a way that I had never seen before.

Her work is minutious and the reality is that when she’s hired she ends up giving much more than anyone can expect.
I’ve never been so happy to have hired someone, and believe me; I’ve gone through several “bad apples” before finding her.

She’s very eclectic in her skill set which makes her unique since she doesn’t make any decision without taking into consideration a wide variety of factors.
I know that when I need sound online marketing advice I can go to her and she’ll tell me with full transparency the best step to take.
I’m thankful to Eren for making my business go to another level.

Curtis Brooks ~ Transformational Speaker

Curtis Brooks

Hold on to your seats and take notes! I contacted Eren several months ago, after hearing her in a discussion on Blab about SEO and Social Media Strategy.
The conversation was intense, almost intimidating, there was so much information, but I stood the course and learned the importance of SMS & SEO.

I later hired Eren for SMS & SEO training. She is an absolutely wonderful instructor. She was able to unclutter and explain the geek and tech talk, so that I could understand and apply what I have learned.

The information that I’ve gleaned from Eren has totally brought me to a new space of consciousness. I’m able to work more efficiently at creating content using keyword research, analysis and posting with a strategy. She taught me how to reword and rework my site so that my online visibility and ultimately my conversion rate grows. I’m in the process of doing that now and her teaching has been a cornerstone in my understanding on how to do this.
I definitely recommend Eren Mckay for SEO and Social Media training.

Dianne Hartshorn ~ Vintage e-Commerce Store Owner

Dianne Hartshorn

Working with Eren Mckay is one of the best investments I have ever made for my business. There are so many “SEO experts” and if you’re not familiar with SEO, you can easily throw your money away, but Eren is the real deal. SEO is in her DNA!

Not only is she familiar with the nuts and bolts of the process, but she studies and keeps up with new changes to provide her customers with the most up to date knowledge.

The strategies that she has implemented have grown my business by leaps and bounds. SEO is one of the most important aspects of your web presence so you definitely need to hire the best!
I can’t recommend Eren McKay enough.